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Where Our Hearts Melt

At IMACX, we focus on uncovering social challenges that melt our hearts. To address such social challenges, we nurture Research-led, Collaborative Social Innovations.

From a domain / impact perspective, the focus of our work is in the area of Digital Social Innovation – the intersection of Digital Technology and Social Innovation. Specifically, we focus on the challenges affecting:

Our Grand Challenges

Making Math Count

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Indian Calendar

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Indian Music

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Indian Art

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Child Protection

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Mental Health

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Health Care

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Our Founders & Experts in Residence (F.IR.E)

We are blessed to have in our midst extremely accomplished domain experts, thought leaders, social activists – who help and guide us in addressing some of the challenges faced by our community.

Prof. Sadagopan

Director, IIIT Bangalore

Dr. CS Kedar (IAS, Retd.)

Former Secretary – Kannada & Culture, GoI

Prof. Sujatha Ramadorai

Founder, Gyanome

Mr. Vasant Goodera

Director, Bherunda Foundation

Mr. Vikram Sampath

Founder, Archive of Indian Music

Mr. HR Ananth

Founder, The Bangalore Press

Mr. VSS Sastry

Math Communicator

Ms. Joyita Ambett

Director, Waste Management Society

Ms. Priya Selvakumar

Director, Save India Foundation

We are also fortunate to be associated with passionate and perseverant innovators – who are focused on developing solutions to meet the societal challenges.

Ms. Teju

Founder, NSmiles

Mr. Ankit

Founder, Friends for Inclusion

Ms. Supriya

Founder, VisionEmpower

Mr. Bharath

Founder, Fields of View

Dr. Hrishikesh

Founder, Ziroh Labs

Mr. Ramesh V

Founder, Aagnaa

Ms. Anvita Bajpai

Founder, SunvAI

Mr. Dileep

Founder, HealtheLife

Mr. Satish

Founder, Culkey Foundation

Mr. Sobin Thombra

Founder, Hyperreality Technologies

Dr. Ashish Agrawal

Founder, NpBridge

Mr. Ravi Mula

Architect, Gita Supersite

Mr. Abhishek

Founder, Turiya Avastha

Ms. Yamuna Sastry

Founder, CabDost

Mr. Thansen Paandi

Founder, Skillio

Ms. Suchitha

Founder, SciRio

Mr. Umeysh Chandra Bojja

Founder, Daksaa Media

Dr. Kshira

Founder, Curae

Mr. Mayank

Founder, Bhasha


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